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Me: Hello?

Automatic answer: Hello, you have a call from [local prison]. If you want to take it, press one.

(I don’t know anyone in prison, but I’m curious. Note that I’m 14 years old. I press one.)

Me: Hello?

Inmate: Ma’am, we have your son!

(I don’t have a son nor a brother. I figured the man didnt know the machine let me know where was he calling from. Back then this was a common scam to make you put money on the prison’s phones so they could call their families.)

Me: Oh, yeah?

Inmate: Yeah, ma’am. We have him.

Me: Say hello to him for me, will ya?

Inmate: But… We are going to kill him!

Me: Sure, have fun.

Inmate: *confused* Ok…

Me: And have a nice day!

Inmate: Bye, bye. Kisses.

(Yeah, he really said “kisses”. It was scary at the moment because I was young and he was shouting, but 13 years later I remember it as the funniest call I ever answered.)

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