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Unfiltered | June 17, 2017

(A good friend of mine recently became engaged to my sister, and for some reason has decided to try being more of a big brother than a friend, causing friction and messing up our friendship a bit, things were relatively fine until this moment:)

Friend: “You know, as you’re going to be an important part of my wedding, you should lose weight”

(I’m around 75 kilos and fairly muscled)

Me: Miind repeating that?”

Friend: “Yeah I feel like if you get fat for the wedding it will just put the whole mood off so if you can’t lose some weight I don’t know if I can invite you ..”

Me: “..Firstly, it’s not just your wedding, secondly, you weigh more than me, thirdly, you really need to try being less of a d***”

Friend: “I’m just giving some brotherly advice!”

(I let my sister know and he was harshly reprimanded by both her and his own family, he actually seems to be trying!)

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