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Quebec, Canada | Unfiltered | June 20, 2017

I’m meeting with a large groups of friends( mostly composed of my friends friend’s which I don’t know) in a park, for the afternoon. I bring a couple of games equipements but no food. Since I work until very late, I just drank a coffee before going and plan to eat at home after.

What I did not knew, is everybody planed an after and insistingly ask me to come over too, until I accepte. We all agreed to stop somewhere to eat before reaching our host place. Unfortunatly, the ultimate decision is to stop at the only fastfood I can’t eat(I’m sick withing 15min, no matter what food I choose from there). There’s nothing else close enough to get me something. I’m starving at this point but resign myself to it.

Hours later, in our host garden, someone with a big bag of chips offer me some.

Me: oh, thank but no thank, if I start, I’ll finish your bag.

Him: That’s fine, I had plenty and I don’t want to bring it back home.

Me: Are you sure? Because I’m not trying to be polite, I really will finish it.

Him: Yes, yes of course. Here.

He put the bag on the tiny table between us, facing me. We are having a nice conversation. I take some, slowly, pinching out 1-2 max. at once, but starting to eat seriously awake my appetite because I’m at over 24h from my last meal at this point. As I warned, I keep going, but around the 4th-5th pinch I take …

Him*in a quite harsh tone*: Are you planing to leave some or are you stuffing your face until there’s nothing left?!

I froze, I could not answer but I immediatly squeeze close the bag and trow it back at him, stand up and joined different people. Taking only a couple of bites just made me fully realize how much I was hungry. And his sudden snap only served to create a very unconfortable moment.

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