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Unfiltered | June 16, 2017

I was born in America but raised elsewhere, here on vacation. I removed the irrelevant small talk and confusion on regional vocabulary.

Stranger: Do you know how to get to [location 4 km away]

Me: Yeah, I do. [gives walking instructions]

Stranger: You can walk there? But it sounds far.

Me: Sorry. Born here, raised abroaf. Isn’t it right next to [landmark]?

Stranger: Yup.

Me: Yeah, I would walk. (Pause) Oh my, I’m sorry. Yes, you should take the metro. [Gives subway instructions]

Stranger: Thanks, that’s more like it. What were you thinking, walk? (Laughing, nicely)

Me: You’re asking directions from a runner who just ran an entire loop in the park. [6 miles] I do, walk and run distances as transportation too.