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Unfiltered | June 9, 2017

I was in the middle school gym during attendance

(I was sitting down I was already counted as here I turned on my phone I have a sticky ring that is on my phone so it is easyer to hold)

girl: “your gay”

me: “why is that”

girl: “because your holding your phone the wrong way”

me: “what does that have to do with me being gay”

girl: “your a gay phoney”

me: “that makes no sense anywase did you know in italy they said gay is no longer a insult”

girl: “but were in america”

me: “true”

girl: “can I see your phone I need to check my google plus”

me: “no”

(she rips it from my hand some how not breaking my finger in the process i try taking it back but she has a really tight grip)

me: “can I please have my phone back”

*she ignores me and starts swiping trough my google plus and my texts and is looking at my email*

girl: “your games are gay ooh you have (a very popular game)”

*she clicks it*

and then the P.E teacher says “go line up”

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