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Unfiltered | June 5, 2017

So me, 14, and my cousin, 16, were chilling at our local pool at a wooden bench. Then there’s this kid about 2 or 3 who walked over and death stared my cousin.

My cousin says “Can i help you?” The kid walks to the other side of the bench and says something in gibberish. My cousins first response was “What?” At the time, he was finishing his ice-cream. The kid repeated himself and points at the ice-cream. I then say in the most motherly voice possible “It’s an ice-cream”. He grabbed his crotch, spouted gibberish words again and ran off. My cousin turns and looks at me as if to say “Who was that kid?” He thought i was looking at him, but i still looked at the little kid, who just fell onto hard concrete. He let out the loudest scream ever, got up, then ran straight into the FEMALE CHANGE ROOMS. My 12 year sister walked over laughing her head off.

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