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Unfiltered | May 29, 2017

My friend and I both have quite strong personalities. We just discovered we could change the colour of the facebook chat. We are both in two groupchats.

My friend changes the colour of the one to pink.

Me: b**** h*** that’s pink (friend 1)

Friend 1: yep lol

I change the colour to orange.

Me: too pink for me, let’s go with something neutral

Friend 1: ok sunshine

Friend 1 changes the colour to a very weak green

Friend 1: i like the green

Me: that looks like watered down puke to me

I change the colour to blue.

Me: maybe this?

Friend 1 changes the colour to a very watery brown

I change the colour to light purple.

Friend 1: purple ok

During this conversation I’m talking to another friend in a private chat. I show her screenshots of that chat.

Me: me and (friend 1) are having a colour war in officer chat XD

Friend 2: Lol

Friend 2: has the dreaded fuschia been mentioned? :P

Mel: you can change the colour of a group chat… (friend 1) changed it to pink… which I didn’t like so I changed it to orange… then she did to green… and I did to blue

Friend 2: lol *has images of the fairy godmothers from sleeping beauty changing Aurora’s dress*

Me: b**** h*** she changed it to poo coloured

Friend 2: ooo

Me: I changed it to purple :p

At the same time in the other chat I decide to change the colour to pink, as we don’t use that one that often.

Me: let’s keep pink for the looney chat

Friend 3: omg

Me: huhuhu

Friend 3: *posts sticker of a pig*

Me: did you just call me a pig? O.o

Friend 3: ehm nope

Friend 3: *posts sticker of dog with teary eyes*

Friend 3: it fits to the chat colour

Me: lol

Friend 3: *posts gif of pig*

Friend 1 then changes that chat’s colour to dark pink.

Friend 1:red that’s better

Me: that’s not red…

I change the colour to orange.

Friend 3: that is dark pink

Me: See, our puppy agrees

Me: This is better than that red

Me: ‘red’

Friend 1 then changes the chat to dark green

Friend 1: green, earth colour

Friend 3: *posts spongebob gif*

Me: this is better than the first green you put. That was just puke colour

Friend 1: lol

Friend 3: *posts picture of a dog in a pile of dung*