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Unfiltered | May 31, 2017

(Today was the final swim meet of my freshman year of high school. Our team was much larger than our competitor’s, meaning we had a JV team while they did not. To compensate, we were running our JV events co-ed. While I was waiting for one of my events, one of my friends walked up behind me for her event. Keep in mind that I am male.)

Friend: Hey, what are you swimming?

Me: Oh, I’m doing the [Swim Event].

Friend: Cool, good luck. What do you think of the co-ed swimming?

Me: I’m okay with it. I normally do awful during these meets, today I might actually win an event!

(There’s an awkward pause, and I realize what I just said.)

Me (awkwardly): Uh… That’s not what I mean, I know that isn’t exactly true ’cause most of the girls are better than me…

(My friend doesn’t say anything to that. I’m not normally one to make sexist or prejudice comments, and even though this one just slipped out, I still felt like a jackass. Our short conversation was interrupted by me starting my swim, and even after I was done I didn’t say anything to her the rest of the meet. I hope she didn’t take offense to that, because we both know she’s about 10 times the swimmer I am!)