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Unfiltered | May 28, 2017

(I am babysitting a kid. We just finished playing with Mr. Potato Head and are in the process of cleaning up. The pieces come in a big plastic bin shaped like Mr. Potato and his hat is the lid to close the bin. I’ve been putting the plastic hat on my own head because the kid I’m watching finds it hilarious. I put in the last piece in the bin and hand over the lid.)

ME: Okay, now put on his hat.

KID: No, no, no, no, no-

ME: Yes, yes. It’s your turn. Put it on.

KID: *looks at the hat glumly for a moment before slowly lifting it up and putting it on her own head*

ME: … *laughs* I meant on the Mr. Potato but okay. Good job.

KID: *laughs too, putting the hat on the bin*