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sydney | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

I am at a car boot sale and am waiting behind an obviously Muslin lady who is going through a box of jewelry at one stall. She picks up a piece of costume jewelry

Lady “Excuse me, how much is this please”

Stall holder *rudely “$10”

Lady “Oh it’s a bit much, can you make it a bit cheaper?”

Stall holder “Nope, $10”

The lady leaves and I pick up a couple of items that have caught my eye.

Stall holder *sweetly but loud enough for the other lady to still hear ” For YOU 50 cents each”

I hand over the $1, it was only later I realised what had happened. The stall holder had tried to rip off the other lady on a piece of junk jewelry but had actually ripped herself off because later I found out that the items she sold me were worth almost $200.

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  • That’s messed up. I’d avoid that seller on principle.

  • StarWarsEUIsCanon

    I’d like to have seen her ask why it wasn’t the same for the other lady. Or ask about her item, pay the cheaper price, then give it to the woman while saying they should have the same price for everyone.

    • Maria Hammarström


    • Arsenic and Tea

      Well as they said they didn’t realize it until later. Unfortunately that happens sometimes. Not to that extent, but I’ve had things happen that it wasn’t until later that I actually realized the implications of what was really happening.

  • Powers

    I too refuse to sell goods to pieces of cloth.

    • Siirenias

      It’s sad to see materialism alive and well in this day and age.

  • talkingbowl

    “Muslin?” Srsly?

  • AgentC1983

    …And What does her religion/Culture have to do with this again?

    • Ólafur

      My guess is how the stall holder reacted. Maybe they don’t like Muslims.

    • Rebecca Charlton

      You don’t recognize bigotry when you see it? The stall holder obviously gave the non-Muslim a price of 1/20th the price they gave the Muslim woman. The stall holder’s bigotry was the point of the story.

  • Maria Hammarström

    Muslim = person of the islamic faith.
    Muslin = a type of fabric.

  • Brenna

    Sounds like a starchy character.

  • Liz Cember

    Pity you only realized later.

  • MadHighlander

    Isn’t muslin a textile?

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