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sydney | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

I am at a car boot sale and am waiting behind an obviously Muslin lady who is going through a box of jewelry at one stall. She picks up a piece of costume jewelry

Lady “Excuse me, how much is this please”

Stall holder *rudely “$10”

Lady “Oh it’s a bit much, can you make it a bit cheaper?”

Stall holder “Nope, $10”

The lady leaves and I pick up a couple of items that have caught my eye.

Stall holder *sweetly but loud enough for the other lady to still hear ” For YOU 50 cents each”

I hand over the $1, it was only later I realised what had happened. The stall holder had tried to rip off the other lady on a piece of junk jewelry but had actually ripped herself off because later I found out that the items she sold me were worth almost $200.

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