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Germany | Unfiltered | May 7, 2017

(One day, on the way to cosmetician school, I realized I was feeling incredibly sick and just turned around, going back home. Turns out it was gastroenteritis. I missed one day of school, but went back the next day because of having a masochistic-self-sacrifical work ethic. The big event of the day I missed included undressing in the class – it was an all-female class – and getting measured. And let me note, I have huge issues with nudity and getting touched; it can easily freak me out. And the class knows this. So, while the class is preparing their stuff in the room, one girl speaks up.)

Classmate: So convenient that you missed the thing you didn’t like, but are back now. Must be fun.

Me: *turning towards her with a glare* Yeah, I threw up TWICE yesterday, because it was just so much fun.

(Yeah, that classmate and I never did like each other.)

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