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So we all deal with all sorts of customers working in food, but the entitled ones are running rampant.

A friend of mine sent this to me to ask for my opinion because I’m usually the most level headed one of our group. A little insight: this customer ordered her food and selected the wrong pick up time when ordering online (you have to select a time otherwise you can’t continue placing the order) yet blamed it on the system. She called and asked to have the time change, which they did.

Then she gets her order and on the nachos there were no beans (new person training error, it happens) then called but the restaurant was extremely busy at the time and couldn’t answer the call so the customer left an almost 2 minute message about not receiving beans on their nachos. Never once mentioning anything but missing beans. Voicemails are not returned and rarely listened to since it’s stated they don’t have the time to do so but they have an email to write in any questions or complaints. The only reason they knew about the voicemail was because of the customers email.

A few days ago the customer rights this email. Now is it me or is this customer completely doing too much? She threatened to change her 5 star review if no response was given, a response was given and the customer never responded and just took her review down.

Now the business owner responded (2nd & 3rd pic) which I feel she was professional in her response because mine would have been a little different. I looked at the restaurants social media and website and they explain plenty of you bother to read. What are your thoughts? Was the customer right or was she trippin? How would you have responded?

Customer Email:


I am a huge “vegan” foodie and have come out to support your business twice during this darn CoVid experience.

I enjoyed your food – yet, after leaving 2 separate voice messages with you – regarding different questions/concerns — I have yet to receive a call back.  This lack of response to my messages is not the type of customer service I can support.

I get times are hard – for all of us – but courtesy for those of us who have patronized your establishment — AND left tips each time to give a little extra help to you – is not too much to ask.

The answers to my previous voice messages are no longer needed – however, before I change my yelp review – I felt it considerate to reach out to you one more time.

To link my questions/concerns to this email, my voice messages were:
1.  I selected a pick up time for 2:50pm (ordered online at 1:43pm). Confirmation email said pick up at 4:20pm. I left a message immediately. When I got no response by 2:45pm – I called back and got a live person.

2.  My 2nd nachos – I added your special $6.00 chicken (because I loved the carnitas I had on my first order).  This plate had no black beans, minimal cheez sauce, and were super dry.

In closing, I had been looking forward to trying out your menu – as I was a long time W***** patron before becoming Vegan – and have a special place in my heart for this spot.  I am hoping you feel called to respond to this email – as I have truly been holding space for your new beginnings.

A**** L******

Owner Response:

Hi A****,

Thank you for your patronage of our new restaurant. We are always excited to see new faces!

To address your concerns:

1) I was the one you spoke to on the phone and we changed your time to the time you asked for, so I’m not sure what else I can do for that.

2) I did find your message now and in it, you did state that you did not receive beans on your nacho order but that was your only concern at the time. There was no mention of dry or minimal cheese on them. I apologize as we are training new employees and they simply must have forgotten to put the beans on or thought they were the same as the Totchos that do not have beans on them. Again I apologize for that. If you would like, we can give you a free order of nachos for the inconvenience. If you choose to do so, please call the store during business hours and I will comp that for you.

We have stated previously on posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp that we are unable to answer voicemails. I have included that on the voicemail greeting so that it is more easily explained. We are an extremely small eatery that does not have space nor the staff to be able to answer voicemails, unfortunately. We are unaware of any restaurant where they take orders or return messages in that fashion as many don’t have people answering phones at all. They usually have an email for customers to contact and are replied to in that way, which we have provided. We have always asked for customers to call or email any concerns they have so that we can address them. This is the first email we have received regarding this.

I appreciate your taking the time to reach out and I hope that your concerns have been addressed thoroughly. We appreciate your understanding as we grow and thank you for your support.

Thank you again and we hope you have a good evening.

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