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KS, USA | Unfiltered | May 3, 2017

I’m in band class with my friend, and we both play trombone. We have a folder that has all of our band music in it, and my friend has been drawing pictures all over it in red permanent marker of things like Kim Jong Un and swastikas. In April (next month), there is a Solo and Ensemble Festival that I’m not sure if my friend is attending. He also mentions many times that him, Friend #2, and I should be in a trombone trio, even though I can’t go to the Festival.

On the form to enter the festival, in the place where it tells you about it, there is a drawing of a guy playing a violin. My friend takes the drawing of the guy and on it, turns him into HITLER. He even goes as far to draw a Nazi banner behind him. He keeps talking to me about it, he says things like, “Remember the Hitler that I drew?”

What is wrong with this guy?

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