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Finland | Unfiltered | May 8, 2017

(I’m spending the weekend in a geeky convention and having a great time. As the resident mom friend of our group, I’m always the one who has band-aids, painkillers, duct tape for fixing costumes etc. with me. As I’m walking around I see a friend of mine coming out of his dalek costume (which is basically a big salt shaker shaped robot) looking beyond exhausted.)

Me: “Hi, [Friend]!”

Friend: *does a small, droopy waive, looking about as energetic as a wilted plant*

Me: “Oookay, you clearly haven’t drank in hours.” * I dig out my half liter water bottle and give it to him*

Friend: *drinks the whole bottle empty, barely pausing for breath*

Me: *as I take the bottle back* “…Need some more?”

Friend: *nods*

Me: *I go to refill the bottle in a nearby water station. When I bring it back, my friend empties it once again in one go and at this point I don’t want to think for how long he has gone without water*

Friend: *gives back the bottle* “Thanks.”

Me: “No problem. I was thinking of getting something to eat from the grill and something tells me you might need it too. Sounds good?”

Friend: “Yeah, just gimme a second to fully get out of this.”

(My friends often make some good-natured jokes of me fussing over them and being the mom friend but sometimes they honestly need it!)

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