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New york | Unfiltered | April 27, 2017

(I am the same person who wrote the “required a Phoenix down” story. Me and my friends are hanging out during recess when I decide to let my friends look through my sketch book. It should be noted that friend #1 is not the same friend as the friend from “required a Phoenix down”.)

Friend #1: “Look, it’s a venasaur! Did you know venasaurs are the worst Pokémon? Surely you did, but why would you ruin your sketch book by drawing one then!”

(Getting upset, I lightly tap on Friend #1’s leg, my friends code word for “stop being an a***ole. I move to take my sketch book back.)

Friend #1: *holding it up in the air where I can’t reach it* “No! I wanna keep looking! Go away!”

(I keep getting upset as Friend #1 continually holds the book up above her head, making comments on my other drawings before throwing it haphazardly to me. I catch it, lightly tap her leg again, and move to go over to my aid. Friend #1 however, decides it would be funny to see me trip and when I next lift my foot up, kicks it hard. This causes me to fall down and slide across hard pavement, as I am a small kid. I black out, and when I next wake up I am in a hospital room.)

Doctor: “Good, *shouting across the hall* she’s awake!”

(Turns out that while I was unconcious, I had gone into surgery to stitch up a couple of gashes on my arms and legs, as well as a 4 inch gash on my face caused by me sliding across pavement. When I finally got back to school, my other friends tell me it was friend #1 who had kicked me and caused me to have a 4 inch scar that I still have 9 years later. Needless to say, none of us are friends with friend #1 anymore)

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