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Unfiltered | April 21, 2017

Me: I was reading something about the gems in Tut’s famous mask. They are thinking that one of them is actually some glass from deep in the desert near Egypt that came from a meteorite. For a long time they were thinking it was actually peridot [I pronounce it “PEHR-ih-dot”] but now maybe not.

Friend: You doof, it’s pronounced “PEH-id-doh!”

[Well, nuts. I pride myself on my language use, but I decide in that moment to do what I have been telling everyone in the “Not Always…” comments to do. I pull out my smartphone, fire up the dictionary app, and find “peridot.”]

Me: Hah! I’m not nuts. There are two pronunciations, so we’re both right.

Friend: Well, still cool about Tut, though.