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(My roommates and I are watching Monster’s Inc. When we watch stuff, we tend to compare characters to ourselves and our friends.}

Me: Guys… I’m Mike.

Roommate 1: I’d be Boo. [Roommate 2], that makes you Sully.

Me: She does have blue hair.

Roommate 1: Randall’s [Girl We Don’t Like], and his sidekick is her friend! But who’s the two janitor guys?

Me: [Friend 1] and [Friend 2].

Roommate 1: *gasps* Can [Friend 3] be Raz??

Me: YES.

Roommate 1: Who’s 2319 guy over there?

Me: [Friend 4}

Roommate 1: But… Who’s Waternoose?

Me: [President of College]

Roommate 1: No, he’s not evil. He’s… he’s the Abominable Snowman.

Me: *gasps* [Professor We Hate] Can be Waternoose!

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