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Unfiltered | April 17, 2017

My husband, sons and I finish shopping and head to the registers. We are about to exit an aisle and get in line when a woman walks past and abruptly pushes her empty cart in front of us, blocking the aisle. As she walks away, I call after her.

Me: Excuse me, were you done with this cart?

Woman: glances back over her shoulder, sees us and keeps walking

I push the cart out of our way and go to return it to the cart bay while my husband gets in line to pay. I end up going past the woman and her husband as they exit the store. Upon seeing me, she gives me a nasty look.

Me: You left this right in front of us.

Woman: Well I didn’t see you.

Me: You still shouldn’t leave your cart in the middle of the aisle.

She muttered something under her breath as her husband pulled her away. They walked right past the cart return on their way out of the store.

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