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You know those heartwarming stories about classmates pulling together to help a less fortunate classmate? Yeah, this ain’t one of those.

I went to high school in Warner Robins GA, in an Air Force town. I was in honors, and I was the only poor person there. To give you an idea of how I was treated, a classmate pointedly invited every single person to her house for a birthday party except me, as I ‘wasn’t good enough’.

Most of the time it didn’t bother me. This class stayed together through high school and senior year the classes would always go to New York.

I couldn’t afford to go. the class held a fundraiser for this trip. Now, in a movie, they’d pull together and pay my ticket, and we’d all get to go.

In reality, they decided it was unfair for one person to benefit from the fundraising and decided to split it among those going. Who’s parents could easily afford the trip.

Then they got pissed when I refused to help them fund raise.

Gotta tell you, the three weeks they were gone were the calmest I’d ever had at school, and I was f*cked if I was going to do the busy work left for me.

Go graduating class of 1990 Demons. You so obviously rock.

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