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Unfiltered | March 18, 2017

My brother came to visit me in Japan and we went to Kyoto to see some of the sights. While there and waiting for a train we got into a conversation with a Spanish couple and by virtue of having a smartphone end up being the interpreter. Things start out fine but as the conversation continues i switch fairly often to Japanese as the foreign language my brain defaults to when not speaking English. When I try to boot it off that I end up speaking French, which I studied in high school and college. At some point the tiny amount of Korean I picked up while living there three years starts to intrude. By the end of the conversation, my brother and the couple are chuckling as my language centers continue to implode until I burst out asking my brother “Why am I the interpreter? You actually studied Spanish!”

I continued to have language glitches every so often for about a week after he left.

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