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Colorado, USA | Unfiltered | April 3, 2017

I was a single mother, with a run down car. I was lucky enough to live between 2 mechanics. My neighbor to the right was a young man, new to the trade. To the left was a retired, gruff old man.

One day I found myself needing to have my battery jumped. I asked for the young neighbor’s assistance. He grabbed his jumper cables, and came to my rescue.

Except, he couldn’t find my battery! He looked high and low in the engine, under the car, in the trunk.. it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I heard a chuckle from the other side. My grumpy old neighbor was watching, and getting a kick out of the scene.

He sauntered over, and took charge. He was confident that he would immediately find the battery.

15 minutes later, he was stumped. He called a buddy, who told him that the battery was under the windshield washer fluid tank.

I still chuckle when I think of 2 mechanics being completely flabbergasted when finding a simple battery, and I am forever grateful for their help.

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