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(We have a nosy neighbor across the street from us, whose grandson is in his 20s and is known for being a druggie. He’s stolen and sold her belongings before. He’s also tried to take our belongings from our back yard shed, but we have two large dogs who protect our back yard fiercely from strangers. We notice that there’s been some damage to one of the gates and are fixing it one weekend.)

Neighbor: “Y’all need to keep that thing fixed. One of these days, those monsters are going to get out and attack someone.”

Me: “My dogs are trained to stay in the fence. They wouldn’t go after someone unless they were on the wrong side of it. Besides, what do you think we’re doing? We don’t want our animals out. Someone could hurt them.”

Neighbor: “Someone’s going to hurt them! They attacked [Grandson] the other night, and he was just coming over to pet on them!”

Husband: *stops what he’s doing to stare at neighbor* “What was [Grandson] doing over here, anyway? He knows our dogs aren’t friendly to strangers.”

Neighbor: “Don’t you blame [Grandson] for being a dog lover!”

Husband: “I won’t blame him for being a dog lover. But I am going to question if he had something to do with the gate being broken, when it was just fine a few days ago. Do you know anything about that?”

Neighbor: “[Grandson] wouldn’t do anything like that.” *sniffs and stalks back home*

Me: “Yeah, I bet he’s an angel. That’s why he was getting rid of her generator and television for her, right?”

(We decide putting up cameras is a wise idea and make a point to let him know we have done so due to crime in the area. We figured we would catch him sooner or later, but it became a moot point as he got arrested a couple of weeks later for having an illegal substance in his car.)

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