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Unfiltered | March 25, 2017

[It is the day after the massive women’s protests of the Cheeto-In-Chief. I am standing in a fairly long line waiting to pay for my purchases. I am male, can pass for white despite being mostly Indigenous, and happen to be reading a book written by a Reagan administration official. So the guy behind me assumes I must be a Trumpanzee.]

Guy: “I’m glad Trump is in office. He’ll show those bitches.”

Me: [continues reading]

Guy: “Buncha ugly dykes. Have to dildo each other because they can’t get a man.”

[I become aware that he must be speaking to me. I close my book and look at him. As he’s talking, he’s texting on his phone.]

Guy: “You’re with me on this, right? Ugly dyke whores, all of them.” [He finishes his texting, and begins using his hands to gesture as he talks.] “Trump will put them all back in the kitchen. Women should be servicing men, not being with other women.”

[As he’s gesturing, I happen to see the background pic on his phone.]

Me: “I’m sure you feel that way, sir. But I’m curious about something. If you think lesbians are so bad, why is your background pic two half-naked women kissing?”

Guy: [hastily puts his phone away and goes silent]

Me: [resumes reading]