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My eldest brother always got homesick to an extent that we used to joke that the day he got married, he would kiss his wife goodnight and go to his old bedroom to sleep. One day, he was around twenty, he and a few of his mates planned a camping trip, about 150 km away. He would be the driver. My mother refused to believe he would sleep in the tent but he insisted, he would not return before the end of the weekend. When he left, my mother told him that if he was not home before midnight, she would rent out his bed.
As it happens, that same night, a friend from my youngest brother who was in a difficult situation at home, wasn’t allowed back in, not for the first nor for the last time. So, late at night, my youngest brother asked my mother if the friend could crash at our place that night. My mother, who knew the home situation, agreed.
My eldest brother, did return about an hour later, found his bed occupied and had no choice but to crash on the couch downstairs.
The next morning, my mother found him there and barely holding her laughter woke him. A bit surly and indignant he exclaimed: “I didn’t think you were serious about renting out my bed!”.

By the way, my brother friends never found out he made the return trip home as he was back before they awoke.
For those curious about the troubled friend, he was able to return home a few days later but not for long. When he came of age, his father threw him out for good. The friend however grew up to be a wonderful and doting father to his kids and he would rather die than hurt them, proving the cycle can be broken.

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