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I’ve posted other stories, mostly regarding my mother in law. But this one takes the cake, or rather the cobbler.

I’d purchased some frozen peaches a few weeks ago with the intention of making peach muffins, one of my specialties. But my husband had said that he’d like peach cobbler. I’d found a recipe online for making mini peach cobblers in muffin tins. I made 6 of them, two for each of us, including my mil. I baked them and sent her a picture. This was our text conversation:

Me: Don’t tell (husband) *they were a surprise*
Mil: They’re peach muffins?
Me: Mini cobblers
Mil: Ok…I’ve seen cobbler in a square or oblong dish
Me: This recipe has good reviews on it so I thought I’d try it

Anyway, at the time of this posting (husband) has eaten 1, I’ve eaten 3, and she’s eaten none. Yet if we didn’t eat what she made we’d be labeled ungrateful and get yelled at. So I’m done baking for other people. If they ask I’ll tell them why. I should have been done back on Easter when I made a Jewish Apple cake and she made back up mousse. But this really ticks me off. These cobblers are delicious and she won’t even give them a try.

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