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Unfiltered | April 11, 2017

(At the time my mother was undergoing radiation treatments for breast cancer and a few years prior to that had survived a spinal chord stroke. My parents had been bowling this league for over 10 years, though mom wasn’t bowling tonight)

Alley Manager: Hello, (mom) how are you doing? We haven’t seen you in a while.

Mom: I’m tired, but hanging in there. It’s been…

Another bowler entering: *yelling* God, why won’t that woman just die already?

Me (to my sisters): *blocking their path to the other bowler* Just leave it alone. (Bowler) is not worth the effort or trouble. *walks with my sisters to where we are sitting”

Mom: *after joining us and seeing our expressions* (Bowler’s husband) apologised, so don’t worry about it; she won’t talk to me and if she does she will have to be polite or get into trouble. Besides, (Bowler) is a b**** and is not worth the time of day.

*Dad and us kids laughed the night away as other bowlers on the league came over all night to talk to mom and wish her well*