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Unfiltered | April 9, 2017

After my husband lost his job, friends of ours let us stay at there home for a short while. It could be worse, but it’s far from peaceful in the house. The wife of the house has twin toddlers who are constantly misbehaving, and she’s always screaming at them. Always.

Friend’s Wife: STOP THAT! [Boy]! [Girl]! I SAID NO! NO! STOP IT!

And on some occasions:


I’d never raise my voice to a kid, and I try to discourage their bad behavior best I can. Anyway, I’m making dinner on the stove, and one of the twins wanders into the kitchen and tries to touch the pot of boiling water.

Me: *more alarmed than angry* NO! THAT’S HOT! DON’T TOUCH!

Friend’s Wife: *without skipping a beat* DON’T YELL AT MY KID!

Bitch, what the hell do you do to your kids all day? I left my childhood home to escape hypocrites, I shouldn’t have to be exposed to more of it!

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