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Unfiltered | March 14, 2017

(I’m walking to school with my best friend since forever when we pass a sign for our towns haloucast rememberence day. It should be worth noting that while I am atheist, I was raised in a Jewish household.)

BFF:”I wish people would just shut up about the haloucast! It was like, a century ago!”

(I’m stunned into silence. I’m not openly atheist yet, with the only person knowing my mom, and [BFF] has been to my family’s Passover and Hannuka celebrations before.)

Me: “You do know it was the largest genocide in the world, right? We need to prevent another thing like that happening again, especially with how the election turned out.”

BFF: “The Mexicans wouldn’t get killed like that! Besides, the memorials a stupid waste of space”

(I’m shocked now, partly for her dismissal of the fact millions people died. Our towns memorial is also very large, apart of the temple my family goes to, and hosts events in Germany, Austria, and Italy for haloucast rememberence. We argued over it for a little bit longer, before I decided to just be quiet. Not sure what will happen when she finds out her parents are forcing her to go?)

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