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Irving, TX | Unfiltered | March 11, 2017

When I lived in Irving, I often took the bus to work once my classes were out. I got to know most of the drivers for the routes I took, and most were friendly save one particular jerk who went out of his way to be rude. It so happened that one miserable Autumn day, he was driving. What made it worse is that it was coming down heavily, there was already flooding on the streets, and he wasn’t the safest of drivers to begin with. We were going along a particularly busy road with a few brave pedestrians. One of the pedestrians, carrying an umbrella and wearing a rain poncho, had come to a crosswalk, and was waiting for the light to change when our bus driver intentionally swerved closer to hit a giant puddle nearby. The pedestrian was immediately drenched. It was obvious the driver did it intentionally, because he was snickering. Of course, karma got immediate revenge – the giant puddle turned out to be a giant pot hole that caused the bus to lurch hard and run into a street sign. I never saw him on my route after that.

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