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(I’m browsing Instagram, and I see my friend has posted a very political joke about an incident involving the cast of Hamilton preaching to a certain politician. I decide to throw in my two cents in the comments section. I am moderate, and my friend is a self-proclaimed moderate, but acts like a liberal.)

Me: This picture says the entire cast of Hamilton did a speech directed towards the president elect. Wasnt it just one dude? And (Politician) didn’t even get angry? And it was sort of a d**k move because he was there with his family trying to have a good time??

Friend: Shush he supports conversion therapy!!!! If I could find a wax statue of (Politician) I would buRN IT AT THE THeATRE

Me: I’m not sure about supporting conversion therapy but alright.

(a minute or so later, comment section again.)

Me: Just checked Snopes: “(Politician) once supported the use of federal funding to treat people “seeking to change their sexual behavior.” (Politician) never stated that he supported the use of electric shocks or “gay conversion” therapy.” Make of that what you will.

(no response, then not even a minute later i get a skype call from the friend.)

Friend: Um can you maybe NOT try to argue on my post I’m just not in the f**king mood for an argument today

Me: Uh-

(she hangs up)

(funny how people who post politically inflammatory things online get angry when people want to debate said things.)

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