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(It is around 2 AM. A young man comes in the hotel where I’m working. He is young, pale, with watery eyes, and has a scowl that makes me uneasy.)

Me: “May I help you?”

Man: “I need change for my cash.”

(Usually we open the till, but something about this man makes me uneasy.)

Me: “Ah, I’m sorry, but all the cash has been locked up, and we are not allowed to touch it, till morning.”

Man: *getting agitated* “I said, I need change now!”

Me: “Like I said, we’re not allowed to touch it.”

(The man starts trembling, furious, and puts his hands in his pockets. I feel really afraid now, that he is some druggie. He keeps insisting for change and I keep declining.)

Me: “You need to leave.”

Man: “Yeah yeah, I’ll go when I’m ready!”

Me: “No, now. Or I’ll call the police.”

Man: *laughs and doesn’t move, looking around*

(I call them and once he hears them, he sneers and leaves. The police come and catch him a few blocks away. They tell me that he was from Russia and said that he said he didn’t understand that I was feeling threatened. I don’t know if in Russia the hotels are like banks there, but not here. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and trespassing. Welcome to America!)

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