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Jan. 2016: My mom is in a facility with full blown Alzheimer’s. I text my friend who goes to visit Mom occasionally. Mom dies on Jan. 18th:

My text: Mom has passed away

Friend texts back condolences and asks to be kept posted on funeral arrangements.

Jan. 20th, my text: Service, tomorrow, 10 AM, place, address

My friend does not attend the service. I get home from the service & take a nap. I wake to find a text from her:

“I haven’t heard from you could you please let me know the arrangements for mom so I can make arrangements at work”

My text: “oh (Name) – the service was today – I texted you yesterday, I guess u didn’t get my text”

My friend calls me “what? What do you mean I missed it, why didn’t you call me?” Then she starts crying hysterically and I can’t understand what she says. She hangs up on me.
I call her, leave a voicemail, then on Jan. 22 I leave this text: “never mind the funeral, your visits with Mom are what counts, at least with me. I can never thank u enough for that.”

Her text back to me: “I am too distraught and to hurt to discuss this”

And here it is December 26th, and I have never heard from her again.

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