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Firstly, I am bisexual and I knew I was as the time of this story, but had only revealed it to close friends. I’ve recently moved into my halls of residence at university and met my flatmates for the year. All are initially fine but I later find out that one of them, a woman, is possibly homophobic (I hear off one of my other flatmates that she’s quite disapproving of lesbianism, and I discover in my second or third year that she can’t stomach an advert featuring two men hugging and has to switch channels. She also stopped watching a favourite TV show, claiming it had been ruined, after an episode where one of the characters came out as gay). In general all of this didn’t bother me as I barely interacted with her, but still I thought I would describe my first and only one-to-one interaction with her. Prior to this she has been fine and chatting with me up to the night before, where we were all out drinking and I revealed that I had kissed another man before (for a dare, but still).

I’m in the kitchen having breakfast and reading before my first lecture. I see the woman come in and decide as I’ve been eating to just smile at her with my mouth closed. She doesn’t respond so I assume she doesn’t notice. She looks in the fridge and a cupboard before turning back around and heading for the door. I look up at her again, intending to smile again, when I notice her glaring so intently at the door she could have burned a hole through it, and she is leaning so much on the counter that quite honestly the only way she could have gotten closer was to climb on top of it. I follow her as she moves, accidentally kicks the bin, and opens the door only the smallest amount required for her to pass through. Overall she was in the room for about 10 seconds, and the entire time it felt like she was deliberately ignoring me. She hadn’t taken anything with her. When I go back to my room to pick up my bag, I hear her go back in the kitchen and not venture back out.

Like I said above, this was my first and only one-to-one interaction with her, and I can’t help but feel that she utterly despised me. It might not have anything to do with homophobia, but the fact she was fine with me up to the point of revealing my same-sex kiss, does make me wonder.

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