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Unfiltered | February 18, 2017

Friend: What sort of antivirus are you using on the new computer?

Me: Nothing.

Friend: What? Why? You don’t want a virus or to get hacked!

Me: How would that happen? It’s never online.

Friend: But they can still break into it!

Me: How?

Friend: Trust me they can break into it!

Me: Seriously, unless someone has physical access to the computer they can’t break into it.

Friend: Yes they can. I have friends who work IT they know anything can be broke into.

Me: It’s not attached to internet. I don’t have it connected to the router at all. Plus it doesn’t have wifi or bluetooth hardware on it. There is NO way into it without physical access.

Still, my friend insisted that there was “some way” someone could somehow access the computer remotely, despite the lack of any physical data connection. And of course that meant I should install firewalls and antivirus onto the machine.

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