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Unfiltered | February 19, 2017

( I have lived in a small tourist town my whole entire life. I also grew up in one of the neighborhoods closest to the high class hotels, so I’m used to tourists going into my property (not that it’s okay). My dad also ran the sports program at a local summer daycare that tourists used. I am 12 at the time, walking around the daycare grounds with my mom and service dog, and waiting for the program to end. My dog always has her vest on because of the tourists, and this experience was no exception.)

Tourist 1: Oh! What a cute puppy. *to young daughter*Honey, go pet the puppy!

Me: Please don’t, she’s working.

Tourist 1: Nonsense! No one your age needs a service dog, stop lying.

(No matter how much I try to stop her kid, the kid runs up to my dog and starts trying to pet her, even after my dog turns and try’s to get away from her. I’m panicking when my dad comes out of the sport area and sees me)

Dad*to tourist*: Hey! Why are you annoying my daughters service animal?!

(My dad is a large man, with many tattoo. The tourist turns toward me, grabs her kid, and runs away)

Dad: How long were they annoying you?

Me: 5 minutes too long…

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