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(I’m biologically female, and identify as such. However, I don’t tend to look like a girl the majority of the time, as I dress in a pretty androgynous manner, with short hair. It was winter when this story took place, so I was wearing jeans and a hoodie. The jeans fit me pretty well, but aren’t skin-tight, and I will admit, I bought a men’s hoodie because it was cheaper than a women’s, and kept me warmer (seriously though… what’s up with that?) but it didn’t completely hide my figure. I was in the women’s restroom while out shopping, I walked in just after another woman, and once I opened the door, she turned around to look at me, and this happened….)

Woman: “Sorry, the men’s toilets are the next door over”

Me: *confused* “No, I’m in the correct bathroom… Thanks though”

Woman: “Drop that stupid voice. You’re not fooling anyone. It’s still too low-pitched by the way. You’ll have to try harder”

Me: *thinking* “What the hell is up with this woman….?”

(I decide that I don’t want to deal with this any more, so I take off my hoodie to reveal that I have a relatively obvious figure)

Woman: “Oh… erm… sorry. I didn’t realise” *she runs out of the restroom*

(I know about the controversy surrounding transgendered people using their preferred bathrooms, but seriously? I don’t even look all that masculine…)

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