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Unfiltered | February 7, 2017

I am with my friends (note; we’re all thirteen, three or so years ago, in this story). Racing ourselves, and being huge race fans, we go to an out-of-town speedway that is right next to the track we race at.

Old Man: *stares at us weirdly*

Between races, we run off about five yards from our viewing point to pet the owner’s dog. While we’re behind the grandstands and petting the dog, the old man says…

Old Man: Can’t you just watch the races?

We think nothing of it, but calm down a little and walk in sympathy. Even sitting down and watching the races, we continue to get dirty looks from him. At this point, he’s paying no attention to the races.

Old Man: *as the cars are going ‘caution speed,’ when they go

~5MPH only while officials are on the track* Can you guys just calm down?

Friend #1: We’re being perfectly…

Before my friend can finish, the races start and his voice is drowned out, so the old man doesn’t understand that he’s trying to explain what’s going on. At intermission, we walk off with the old man right behind us.

Old Man: You little f**ks… *reaches out for Friend #2*

We book it away and are in no hurry to tell our parents. Moral of the story? Don’t sit quietly at a racetrack.

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