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Unfiltered | January 30, 2017

(My brother and I were part of a fantasy Live-Action Roleplaying Game during our university days. One year our local chapter decided to give the semi-annual quest a mythological theme and have players separated into Norse, Greek and Christian teams with figures from each group as NPCs giving them specific tasks and awards. For whatever reason most of the players on the Christian team decided they were satanists. Lucifer was being played by my brother, who was at the time in Bible study classes and had a sense of humor that would these days be called trollish.)

Brother: So Michael and I…

Players: Wait, you’re working with Michael. I thought you were rebelled against the forces of heaven.

Brother: Yes, I did.

Players: So didn’t you defeat God or something.

Brother: *laughs*. I went down so hard it’s not even funny.

Players: But you’re going to defeat him in the end, right? Revelations and the antichrist, right?

Brother: Are you kidding? I’m set to spend most of that scraping by on what’s left when God gets going.

Player: But…

Brother: Look, do you want to help me make a fool of Loki or not?

(We generally don’t make a public thing of our religious beliefs and I guess the other players expected someone playing Lucifer would go with pop culture rather than actual myths)