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Years ago, my parents would have their friends over and play cards but one day, our friends brought a new game to try. It was a trivia game that came with several remotes to buzz in if you knew the answer. The device keeps track of score and such. Everyone takes a colored remote and when you buzz in to answer, the little device would say aloud, “[color], do you know the answer?”

One of the friends was not the smartest guy in the group, but he knew about sports and movies and did fine. However it turned into an inside joke that he always, absolutely, no argument, had to be the green buzzer.

Well, my parents and I liked the game so much, we bought our own. We were going to tell the friends that they didn’t have to bring theirs over, but my dad had a better idea….

My dad hid the green remote that came with our game under the table. He would then buzz in for questions he knew that our friend had no idea how to answer (like art and history and mathematics) and the device would say, “Green, do YOU know the answer?”

Eventually we decided we’d messed with him enough and told him about the joke. Luckily he has a very good sense of humor! But to this day (roughly a decade later) it is still an inside joke in my family: Green, do YOU know the answer?

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