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Unfiltered | January 24, 2017

(It’s my work’s holiday party, and I’m sitting at a table with several coworkers, including a friend of mine, and my mom. My friend is from Kenya, and has an accent she sometimes worries about. I have an auditory perception disorder that makes me mishear things frequently. As we’re talking about an experience she had recently when helping with the holiday video, this exchange happens.)

Me: You know, I don’t get why people would have a problem with your accent. I can barely understand my mom half the time, but I have never had a problem understanding you.

Mom: It’s true! You talk so clearly.

Friend: *says something to a coworker across the table.*

Coworker: What?

Friend: *repeats herself*

Coworker: What? What did you say?

(My mom and I start laughing)

Coworker: Why are you laughing?

Me: Because we just got done saying how easy it is to understand [Friend]!