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Unfiltered | January 9, 2017

(My friend is a science teacher. Her students are 13-14 years old.)

Friend: What are ways to prevent pregnancy?

Female student: Sleep with other women. And men can sleep with other men.

Friend: That is…one way I suppose.

(She told me that evening.)

Me: Well, to me, I would say preventing pregnancy is more for when you can get pregnant but you choose to do something that won’t get you pregnant. If you are gay, getting pregnant by having sex is not possible, so you don’t “prevent pregnancy”. If you are straight and don’t want to get pregnant you don’t just go have gay sex instead. You can’t tell someone to cheat nor be gay when they aren’t. And if someone is bi, you still can’t tell them to cheat.

Friend: Hmm…that does make sense. You do have some great thoughts.