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Unfiltered | December 31, 2016

(My friend and I sitting together in class. This was back when kids would write on each other’s notebooks all the time. My friend’s notebook is laying there, so I take my pen and begin to write on it.)

Friend: “What are you doing?!”

Me: “Um, writing you a note?”

Friend: *snatching it* “Never do that, ever again!”

(I was confused because I had done this before and she didn’t complain then. And she had done it to mine.)

Me: “Uh, sorry…”

Friend: *reading* “And what is this? ‘HITHER.’ What the h*** does that mean?!”

Me: “It was ‘Hi There’. But you didn’t let me finish.”

Friend: *glaring*

Me: “Um…can I–?”

(She grabs her stuff and leaves. Next semester, I was glad when we didn’t have any classes together if she was going to be a b*tch. I made new friends that didn’t care if I wrote on their books.)

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