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Unfiltered | December 10, 2016

(First of all, I would like to state that I am in no way mature in this situation. However, I had just gotten done after spending all week on the project in question, and this girl sends the email at 5 pm. The assignment is due at midnight.)

Girl: *sends out mass email* “Hi, just wanted to clarify whether or not we are supposed to pick one of the topics or answer all of them. Hope everyone’s finals are going well. Please let me know, thank you. ”

(The project in question is the second one we have done all semester. And like the first one, it could literally be about anything remotely relating to the class and in any format, so long as it is a thousand words long. The topics she is referring to are suggestions the professor gave us. He has also been talking about this project for a month at this point.)

Me: “Question for you: How are you in college? I mean, how do you survive not knowing something that has been discussed multiple times throughout the semester?”

Girl: “Just wanted to double check what I already knew…Happy holidays.”

(Again, it could be any topic, and she was originally asking if she should do all of them or not, so I know she is lying to save face. And I am still on edge and frustrated, so I decide to push.)

Me: “Doubtful. Cheers.”

Girl: “hope your holidays are more joyful then you”

(It took all my power not to correct her on the usage of “than” vs. “then” and let this one go. But, if you are going to insult someone for calling out your B.S., at least use proper grammar. You are in college, after all.)

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