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Unfiltered | December 8, 2016

(This takes place at work. I work in a very busy fast food/convenience store. Out of our seven locations in town, we are the busiest not just in town, but in the state as well. This means we have a very large employee base and, respectively, are very close. One day we have two people up front, two in the kitchen (including me) with two managers on staff. )

(It’s right around lunch so the store is pretty crowded with a line at the register’s. It’s also during this time that the song ‘Living on a Player’s by Bon Jovi is playing. I have no orders and am currently stocking the bars. While doing this, I’m jamming out to the song)

Co-worker #1: (on headset) Man this song is such a classic. Just makes the day better.

Manager #1: Ha! Speaking of, there’s a guy jamming hard core to Jovi by the bathrooms. Head banging and all.

Co-worker #2: (in the back kitchen) That must be a sight!

(At this point I’ve finished stocking, and am making my way to the back with some dishes. This is right when the main chorus to Jovi is on.)

Radio: We’re half way there! —

Me: (massive girly shriek) living on a prayer!!

(Cue massive laughter from the line out in the front.)

Co-worker #2: *name* I don’t think you realised just how loud you can be…

Me: But. But. I was feeling the song. It’s Jovi!