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(My boyfriend’s last name is Broome and was, for some reason, teased by other kids as a child because of it. [teases such as “oh are you gunna go clean something?” or “guess you’ll only be a janitor in life.” Stupid things like that.] He’s recently started working with me and some of my coworkers have found out what his last name is. They have asked if they could try and come up with a clever joke with it and he’s allowed them to.)

Coworker 1: Hey send [boyfriend] up on the forklift so we can start clearing out the garbage up on the high shelving unit.

Boyfriend: (after they send him up and have cleared all the heavy junk.) Man, there’s a lot of trash and dirt up here. Should have sent a broom up.

Coworker 2: We already did.

Boyfriend: (after looking around for a minute.) Oh. Dang. That was good. Screw you guys.

(Everyone had a good laugh about it.)

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