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Unfiltered | December 3, 2016

(My sibling and I are walking out of a chain sandwich store in the strip mall near our neighborhood. I notice a lady happily walking toward the sandwich shop, but it’s located next to a different neighborhood, so I think maybe she’s heading there and don’t hold the door. My sibling and I start heading home when the lady stops us and looks at me, beginning to excitedly yell.)

Lady: I’m gonna get a job at [chain pizzaria] by halloween! I’m gonna get a job at [chain pizzaria] by halloween, young lady!

(By this point, I’m trying to figure out if I know her, but neither her voice or face are ringing a bell. Before I have time to ask if I know her from somewhere, she starts talking again.)

Lady: Where am I gonna get a job?

(I’m taken aback, wondering why she’s asking me this. But, as to not be rude I respond.)

Me: [Chain pizzaria]?

Lady: Thats right!

(She then opens the door to the sandwich shop and walks in. I congratulate her, and then me and my sibling start walking home. Once we know we’re out of earshot of the sandwich shop, we start laughing. The situation was way too surreal to take seriously.)

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