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Unfiltered | December 2, 2016

It should be noted, first off, that while I am a native New Englander, I now live in the Southwest with my born-and-bred Oklahoman boyfriend. We had decided to take a vacation to a convention we were both interested in, and on the way pick up a car from my family in CT – so the whole trip was fly to CT, then drive to Atlanta where the convention was, and then drive home.

While OK and CT are in the same country, there are definitely some cultural differences, which we ran smack up against while we drove through NY.

The traffic is very thick, and even though I’m not going any slower than the rest of the cars, the guy behind me (let’s call him Grumpy McBrooklyn), has been riding my ass for miles. I’m a nervous driver at the best of times, and this combined with the unfamiliar car with a really big blind spot is kind of freaking me out.

Finally, Grumpy finds an opening in traffic to pass us and as he comes level with us, HE flips US off! My boyfriend is not one to take that laying down, so he returns the gesture in kind.

Now, here’s that cultural divide I was talking about. New Englanders can talk a big game, and might get mouthy and get in your face. But very rarely will they actually physically fight. In OK, if you threaten someone with a scrap, THEY WILL ACTUALLY PUNCH YOU.

So Mr. McBrooklyn makes the mistake of making punching gestures at my boyfriend through his car window. My boyfriend LOSES. IT. He doesn’t like to be threatened and starts telling me to pull the car over while yelling at Grumpy through the window. And my boyfriend is not small. Kids in the detention center he worked at used to call him things like ‘Silverback’. So McBrooklyn promptly goes white at seeing what can only be described as an enraged, shaved gorilla going apeshit in the car next to him, and cuts off two cars and crosses three lanes of traffic to get off on the next exit.

I had to explain to my boyfriend the difference between a New York ‘fight me’ and an Oklahoma ‘fight me’. He still doesn’t get it, but hopefully Grumpy McBrooklyn learned the difference that day!