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, | Unfiltered | February 4, 2023

(This happened when I was a newbie driver. I was with my mother, waiting to turn left. My light is yield to traffic. It was dusk so everyone had their lights on. Or so I thought. I saw the way was clear so i started turning…almost right into this car with its lights off! The car was the same color as the road too. At the last moment I saw him and stopped, blowing my horn. Mr. Invisible didnt even look. Had I hit him, my mom could’ve been seriously injured or killed.

I’m grousing to Mom about Mr. I, and she’s trying to calm me. The way is clear now, but I’m too scared. What if there’s another? The light turns to red. I’m stuck there in the middle of the intersection, flipping out, and mom tells me to reverse back so the cars can go through. I try but theres another car behind me. Cars do go by, barely, and people look over at me like I’m crazy. Its so embarrassing.
Mom tells me it’s ok, and too not be angry, but I am. Now more than a decade has gone, and I’ve seen drivers do all kinds of crazy things and I’m more meh about it. Still, I was lucky a cop wasn’t there or he would’ve pulled me over and not cared about Mr. I and given me a ticket. )

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