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15 years ago I dated a person for some months. It didn’t last, but we stayed friends. A few years ago a close friend of mine and this person ended up a couple. No hard feelings in any way and we are all good friends. As this event occurs, we have just had dinner at their apartment. Me and my ex have been having a longer discussion about completely impersonal matters, which still became slightly agitated. Afterwards, the ex sits tensely and glares forward.
Me: “Are you upset about something?”
My ex: “You two always complain about me interrupting you!”
Me: “Well, a few minutes ago we could agree that you during this conversation have interrupted me several times and not let me speak. I guess, if you just stop interrupting us we won’t have anything to complain about.”
My ex huffed angrily and refused to speak to me for the rest of the evening.

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