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England | Unfiltered | November 4, 2016

I have been staying overnight before a large workbased exhibition /show in the morning, I’m waiting in the lobby for my taxi. Due to a mix up it has been some time already and i have already exhausted my book and run down my phone battery. A woman sits next to me with the pack for the conference I am also going to.

Me: Are you on a stand, or visiting (gesturing to the pack).

Woman: .. (turns away from me).

Me: Ok then,

(We sit in a awkward silence for 15 minutes before a taxi turns up, we both get up , she rushes ahead, but the driver quickly informs her that it is booked for myself.)

Me: i don’t mind sharing, i wont even take offence if you sit in the front.

Woman: No. (Storms back inside).

(i’m a friendly unassuming guy dressed in typical business attire, that couldn’t be seen as threatening in anyway. I put it out of my mind as i meet with some of my colleagues and go to our first appointment. As it would happen the same woman was standing their she sees me immediately, she darts to the back before speaking to a man and pointing in my direction.)

Man: Can i help you?

Me: Yes my name is (name) and i have an appointment to speak to (name).

Man: Oh that would be me, great please come this way. Sorry about my colleague, she well, she was mistaken.

(We ended up chatting for aged, he brought us beer whilst promoting his company. As these things go we set up a follow up meeting at our company. The same woman turned up with another of her colleagues, she was just as rude and abrupt as before. This time the director refused to work with them if she had any involvement.)

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